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The Top 3 Most Popular Art Degrees

If you've got a hobby that you're passionate about, a degree can help you make a career out of it. A degree program for a fine or creative art is a good way to take your skill level from amateur to professional.

Want to know which art degrees are the most popular? Check them out below:

Art Degree #1 - Photography

A great photographer can only become great over time because it's an art that is continually work at and improved on. Photographs that are truly worth a thousand words had to be with meticulously thought in order to seamlessly convey a particular emotion or message. Just like each photograph is a unique piece, each photographer has a unique style.

While a degree program provides the fundamentals of photography concepts and techniques, the most important takeaways from the experience are the comprehensive portfolio to showcase your work and networking connections that can be used to launch a career.

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Art Degree #2 - Video Game Design

The video game industry rakes in billions of dollar each year. With today's cutting-edge technology, gamers are always wanting faster systems and higher resolution graphics. The gaming industry is a cycle of design and demand driven by the constant behind-the-scenes innovation.

Game design involves combining a comprehensive knowledge of the gaming tech with imagination. Video game design programs teach you how to create animation solutions using cutting-edge middleware, or interoperability technology. To find talented artists with gaming expertise, gaming companies look to schools to recruit a diverse array of art and intellect.

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Art Degree #3 - Music

The music industry is another one that offers plenty of opportunities for talent artists. Newly discovered as well as up-and-coming artists are always making their way up the industry ladder. There are just as many self-taught musicians and music producers as there are ones who honed their talents at an academy or university.

A career in the music industry starts with understanding the basics of how it works. Degree programs will teach you how to market yourself in the industry to reach out to yours. Your brand is comprised of both your sound and image how you market it allows you to better relate to your audience. Doing this takes research and planning which are easier to do with the insight you gain from peers and instructors in a degree program.

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