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Booming Online Degree Programs For Busy People

Fitting in time for yourself in your jam-packed schedule can seem nearly impossible, especially if you're got a strict routine down. But when was the last time you did something just for yourself? If you're having a hard time remembering, now may be the perfect time to start.

There are thousands of people going back to school to earn their degrees now that online programs have become more available. If you've been putting off getting a degree of your own because of your busy lifestyle, here are some degree options that are flexible enough for even the busiest schedules.

1) Criminal Justice

Because the criminal justice field is so broad there are a variety of career options to choose from. This is a degree that can qualify you for a range of careers including public safety, social work, drug enforcement, corrections, and more.
Online criminal justice programs generally provide a broad understanding of the criminal justice system to prepare students for entry to mid-level jobs after graduation.

Depending on your choice of concentration, you can follow a career path that will take you right into the action or behind the office doors. All students will learn the nature of crime and the extent of delinquency. Classes will teach you the causes and explanations of criminal behavior.

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Career Options:
  • Probation officer
  • Paralegal

    2) Business

    The reason business degrees have a high success rate for students finding a job after graduation is similar to that of healthcare: constant high demand. Business degrees offer the highest range in career options because a company in any industry is still a business.

    So whether you find a position in the hospitality industry or in the government, the same business fundamentals will apply. The types of jobs may all fall into the same family such as auditor, clerk, counselor analyst, but these positions are essentially industry and sector inclusive--worldwide.

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    Career Options:
    • Financial Analyst
    • Accountant

      3) Photography

      Between 2010 and 2020, the employment of professional photographers is expected to grow by 13 percent and 15 percent for self-employed photographers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Photography is an art especially impacted by new technologies.

      New advancements in camera features as well as photography editing programs are tools that photographers use to enhance their artwork. The current tech boom is opening new avenues for professional photographers to boost their portfolios and market themselves.

      That's all good and well, but a true sign of a photography master is how well he or she uses these tools. Online photography programs like digital workflow, portrait photography and studio photography provide the fundamentals of how to use these resources to benefit your photography career.

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      Career Options:
      • Commercial photographer
      • Photojournalist

        4) Ultrasound Technician

        The demand for health care is growing for a number of reasons. There is a large aging-population from the Baby Boom generation that is living longer thus requiring healthcare services to maintain their health. On top of that, people are becoming more health conscious from all the campaigns out there raising awareness.

        Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, or ultrasound technicians, are in high demand because they play such a vital role in the health care industry. Ultrasounds are used in a number of ways though they are primarily associated with pregnancies.

        Ultrasound techs and sonographers help assess and diagnose medical conditions for patients using the images from high-frequency sound waves sent by the ultrasound transducer. Ultrasounds serve a number of purposes so there is a rising demand for ultrasound techs and sonographers.

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        Career Options:
        • Radiologist
        • X-ray technician

          5) Health & Patient Care

          The Department of Labor data projects that employment in this field will grow much faster than the average for all occupations. Between 2010-2020, a 69 percent increase in job is expected. This coincides with the greater demand for healthcare workers as a result of the aging baby-boom population.

          Patient care providers will assist these older clients with their health problems as well as daily activities. Online patient care degree programs provide the necessary skills and information for being able to care for their clients. Students are given skills in care-giving techniques and healthcare procedures so that they may later qualify for jobs in the field.

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          Career Options:
          • Nurse's assistant
          • Home health aide


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