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The Best Degrees For People Who Don't Like School

Online degree programs offer flexibility to students who want to incorporate learning into their lives rather than changing their lifestyles around. If you want to further your education but hate the feeling of being stuck in a classroom, here are six degree programs that are designed to accelerate your learning and your career:

1) Degree in Criminal Justice 

A criminal justice degree sets a solid foundation for branching out into a wide range of career fields within and outside of the criminal justice field. Whether taking program is online or on-campus, the objective of the curriculum is to provide a general understanding of the fundamentals of the criminal justice systems.

These programs are ideal for those who want hands-on skills they can apply on the job. Criminal justice programs also offer courses for those interested in concentrations such as forensics, drug use, or terrorism.

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2) Degree in Business

Business degrees are one of the most popular online degrees and bring in some of the highest student enrollment numbers. One of the reasons for the program's popularity is that it teaches skills that are applicable across a broad spectrum of career fields.

Online business courses allows students to get familiar with conducting business in a virtual space, preparing them for working in a global market. These programs are ideal for those who want a degree they can use toward nearly any career without the added strain of commuting to campus.

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3) Degree in Photography

Photography degree programs can make it easier to qualify for more jobs and make networking connections. Photography programs instruct students in the mechanics of photography, imaging and studio practices, and the business side of the industry. 

Online courses give you tools you can take with you while shooting photos. By spending more time testing out your new-found knowledge on location rather than on campus your skills are likely to improve faster.

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4) Degree in Ultrasound Technology

Growing healthcare demand is boosting job opportunities for all occupation areas in the industry, one of those being diagnostic medical sonography, or ultrasound technology. Advanced technology is helping to innovate and improve the function of ultrasounds.

Ultrasound tech programs are created so that students can learn online and get in the field in as little as two years. This makes the ultrasound program ideal for people who care more about the benefits of the degree than the actual process of obtaining it.

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5) Degree in Patient Care

The major factor in the rise in healthcare demand stems from the aging baby boomers. Campaigns for healthy living are making their messages loud and clear thus more people are seeking healthcare services to promote having longer, healthier lives.

Patient care specifically involves caring for elderly people in hospitals, clinics, or in their homes. A degree in patient care is an effective means to open a gateway for other healthcare opportunities. This program prepares you to work closely with patients and understand their needs.

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