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The most recent report of Sloan consortium captured the online learning landscaped as it stood in 2007–2008, revealing that
  • 20% of all US college students were studying online at least part–time in 2007;
  • 3.9 million students were taking at least one online course during Fall 2007, a growth rate of 12% on the previous year;
  • This growth rate is much faster than the overall higher education growth rate of 1.2%.
The Sloan Consortium’s findings revealed that many institutions expect more working adults to turn to continuing education to build new skills or enhance existing ones to better their chances in the job marketplace, and also to avoid paying higher fuel costs as commuter students.
To keep up with the growing users of computer and the internet, online education is now offered, cutting the cost of maintenance for schools and campuses. nearly 90 million adults participate in some form of continuing education every year even during good times, according to Census data. The convenience of being able to complete a degree without giving up employment makes online education attractive to working adults. For adults who see education as a never ending process, they will continue to want to learn.

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