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Computer Programmers

Computer Programmers
Quick Facts : Computer Programmers*
2010 Median Pay$71,380
Entry Level EducationBachelor's degree
Work Experience in Related OccupationNone
Number of Jobs, 2012363,100
Job Outlook12% (About as fast as average)
Employment Change43,700

Computer programmers write code to create software programs. They turn the program designs created by software developers and engineers into instructions that a computer can follow. Programmers must debug the programs which is when they test them to ensure that they produce the expected results. If a program does not work correctly, they check the code for mistakes and fix them.

What Computer Programmers Do

  • Write programs in a variety of computer languages, such as C++ and Java
  • Update and expand existing programs
  • Debug programs by testing for and fixing errors
  • Build and use computer-assisted software engineering (CASE) tools to automate the writing of some code
  • Use code libraries, which are collections of independent lines of code, to simplify the writing

Work Environment

Computer programmers usually work in offices, most commonly in the computer systems design and related services industry and information services industry.
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Job Outlook

The average salary of computer programmers was $71,380 in May 2010.
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The median annual wage of computer programmers was $71,380 in May 2010.
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Computer Programmers*
Average Annual Salary, May 2010

Computer Programmers


Computer and Information Technology Occupations


All Jobs in the U.S.

Computer Programmers*
Percent Change in Employment

Computer Programmers


Computer and Information Technology Occupations


All Jobs in the U.S.


Becoming a Computer Programmers

Most computer programmers have a bachelor's degree; however, some employers hire workers who have an associate's degree. Most programmers get a degree in computer science or a related subject.
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