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Structural Iron and Steel Workers

Structural Iron and Steel Workers
Quick Facts : Structural Iron and Steel Workers*
2010 Median Pay$44,540
Entry Level EducationHigh school diploma or equivalent
Work Experience in Related OccupationNone
Number of Jobs, 201259,800
Job Outlook22% (Faster than average)
Employment Change13,100

Structural iron and steel workers install iron or steel beams, girders, and columns to form buildings, bridges, and other structures. They are often referred to as ironworkers. Ironworkers prepare girder to be hoisted into place. Some ironworkers make structural metal in fabricating shops, which are usually located away from the construction site.

What Structural Iron and Steel Workers Do

  • Unload and stack prefabricated steel so that it can be lifted easily with slings
  • Use a crane to lift steel beams, girders, and columns into place
  • Stand on beams or girders to help position steel pieces that are being lifted
  • Verify vertical and horizontal alignment of the structural steel
  • Connect columns, beams, and girders with bolts or by welding them into place

Work Environment

Ironworkers perform physically demanding and dangerous work. They usually work outside in all types of weather. Ironworkers have one of the highest rates of injuries of all occupations.
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Job Outlook

Employment of ironworkers is projected to grow 22 percent from 2010 to 2020 as the need to rehabilitate, maintain, or replace a growing number of older highways and bridges is expected to drive employment growth.
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The average salary of structural iron and steel workers was $44,540 in May 2010.
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Structural Iron and Steel Workers*
Average Annual Salary, May 2010

Structural Iron and Steel Workers


Construction Occupations


All Jobs in the U.S.

Structural Iron and Steel Workers*
Percent Change in Employment

Structural Iron and Steel Workers


Construction Occupations


All Jobs in the U.S.


Becoming a Structural Iron and Steel Workers

Most ironworkers learn their trade through a 3- or 4-year apprenticeship. Nearly all apprenticeship programs teach both reinforcing and structural ironworking. On the job, apprentices learn to use the tools and equipment of the trade and in technical training, they are taught techniques for reinforcing and installing metals, as well as basic mathematics, blueprint reading and sketching, general construction techniques, safety practices, and first aid.
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