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Online Schools

  • Ultimate Medical Academy Online Learning

    prepares students for entry-level careers in healthcare by providing career-focused training in healthcare management, health information technology, medical administrative assistant, and medical billing and coding for over 15 years. Courses can be completed from the convenience of home, without sacrificing a quality education. Students have access to an advanced web-based platform to interact with students and instructors.

  • University Canada West

    offers students an exciting approach to earning a university degree. With creative options like Finish Faster degrees, which allow students to complete bachelor degrees in less than two years, and market-relevant curriculum, the school allows students to quickly complete degrees which are highly relevant to their chosen career fields. No matter what the degree, all students complete fifteen identical Foundation courses and the same five Capstone courses before graduation. University of Canada West offers programs to students online and at campuses in both Vancouver and Victoria.

  • University of Advancing Technology Online

    (UAT) is a small private college focused exclusively on advancing and emerging technology disciplines. Its distance education arm, UAT-Online, offers completely online degrees in 20 undergraduate and 5 graduate programs, including Virtual Modeling & Design, Game Art & Animation, Advance Computer Science, Network Security, and Technology Forensics. Online students follow a standard assignment schedule that features a team-based approach and access to industry-standard toolsets and techniques to encourage development of the collaborative and creative skills necessary for the technology workplace. UAT-Online carries out the institution's mission to educate students in the fields of advancing technology through the convenience and prevalence of the Internet.

  • University of Bridgeport - Online

    Since its founding as a private community college in 1927, the University of Bridgeport has grown to become a comprehensive university offering undergraduate and graduate degrees. In a picturesque setting on the coast in Bridgeport, Connecticut, the college offers career-focused degree options through twelve colleges and schools. The school is independent and non-sectarian, and lists public service as part of its founding mission. UB offers online programs in both liberal arts and science and professionally-oriented majors.

  • University of Colorado-Denver

    The system is comprised of the three main colleges of UC Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Denver. The three colleges offer hundreds of degree programs between them, with Denver heading up the research activity. The flagship schools in the UC system were founded in the mid-19th century, quite early for Western colleges. The schools have had time to develop their academic proficiency and routinely appear in top-schools lists.

  • University of Florida - Online

    Operating as the premier public university in Florida, UF has delved into online education to further expand its large student body. The University of Florida currently offers everything from bachelor's to doctorate degrees online in a variety of disciplines. Of particular interest to potential students is the large number of undergraduate and graduate certificates UF offers online; it currently has over 50 available, in everything from agricultural and life sciences to veterinary medicine.

  • University of Idaho - Online

    is one of many top public universities that are getting into online education. UI was the first college in Idaho, and today remains the flagship school of the Idaho public university system. The university has 10 colleges: agricultural and life sciences, art and architecture, business and economics, education, engineering, graduate studies, law, letters, arts & social sciences, natural resources, and science. The school began as a rural land grant institution and sits on an attractive campus.

  • University of Illinois-Springfield

    The was originally founded as an upper division college, with the goal of providing an excellent liberal arts education and instilling a service ethic in students. Since its founding in the '60s, the college has expanded, enrolling freshman and graduate students and eventually becoming part of the state university system. The university is focused on educating students in global culture and relations.

  • University of La Verne - Online

    Founded in 1891, the University of La Verne began by awarding the bulk of its college degrees in teacher education; today the university has developed substantially and offers associate's to doctoral degrees through colleges of arts & sciences, business & public management, education & organizational leadership, and law. The college is no longer tied to its religious founding, but it has retained its commitment to community service and values-based education. The college's online offerings are currently focused around business topics.

  • University of Massachusetts at Lowell

    The University of Massachusetts at Lowell is the third largest institution in the Massachusetts public college system. The university's mission is to "enhance the intellectual, personal and cultural development of our students through excellent, affordable educational programs." UMass Lowell is a large university which offers undergraduate and graduate degrees through schools of business, education, engineering, fine arts, humanities & social sciences, health & environment, and science. The college currently offers over 30 online associate's, bachelor's, master's, and certificate programs online.