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Opened in 1946 to provide career education and training for only the airlines industry, now offers Bachelor's degrees in Business, Fashion, and Entertainment Management, more than 60 years after its founding. Intending to provide students with a quality education that prepares them for professional careers and increasing levels of higher education, the school now brings the aim online, establishing a distant-learning environment where teaching excellence and student services are blended to support the uniqueness of individual students that rivals its physical campus.

Student Appeal

Online students enjoy the maximum degree of flexibility, able to access courses 24 hours a day at their convenience, but with the same level of support and personal interaction they would find in the classrooms. The instructors are experienced industry professionals who transport their experience into the classroom to give students the cutting edge for success. The small classes also ensure individualized attention for quick, focused career-focused studies in today's fastest-growing industries.

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Financial assistance is available to eligible enrollees in the form of scholarships, work-study programs, and Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) such as Subsidized/Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, Federal Pell Grant, Perkins Loan, etc.

School Programs

  • AS in Business Management AS in Business Management

    This program provides the tools for students to become a successful manager. In addition to marketing, the courses also cover finance and international business, ethics, economics and human resources. With an average of 15 years of real-world managerial experience, the professors educate participants in the science of management within an international arena, using critical thinking skills, group dynamics, and research and practical applications through case analysis, plus internships that deliver relevant real-world experience.

  • AS in Criminal Justice AS in Criminal Justice

    Designed to train dedicated professionals able to operate behind the scenes and provide essential support functions, this program develop the professional skills students need to quickly enter the criminal justice field. Coursework encompass everything from criminal investigation and criminal law to civil rights. Students learn through lively class discussion, fine tune their oral and written skills, and work closely with professors who are criminal justice professionals themselves. Graduates are versed in the knowledge of legal rules, terminology and criminal justice system procedures, oral and written communication skills, and critical thinking skills essential to succeed as a probation officer, paralegal, criminologist, crime scene investigator, Homeland Security expert, or forensic scientist.

  • BS in Criminal Justice BS in Criminal Justice

    This program features a more comprehensive coverage of criminal justice that focuses on world and social justice as well as domestic justice issues. Through courses intended to solidify students' historical and theoretical knowledge, enrollees acquire an in-depth understanding of the criminal justice process from investigations to incarceration and reentry, an active sense of inquiry to explore alternatives beyond current "broken" systems and concepts, expertise with criminological theory, policy and research methodology, and other practical skills necessary. Graduates often investigate new career opportunities in such areas as forensic social services, child welfare investigations, prisoner re-entry, domestic violence counseling, and more.

  • BS in Criminal Justice - Security Concentration BS in Criminal Justice - Security Concentration

    This concentration focuses on the new initiatives in security spearheaded by our government's own Department of Homeland Security and anti-terrorist efforts, while delving into the undeclared war is raging in cyberspace, against hackers who attempt to penetrate our software defenses and disrupt our most sensitive and important data systems. Students learn to master the complex challenges we face and seek new ways of elevating and managing security measures for areas including financial accounting, private security, physical security, emergency preparedness, disaster management, and more.

  • BS in Management BS in Management

    This program is intended for those seeking position as an industry leader, manager of a non-profit organization, or boss of their own business. The courses integrate a set of ethical and legal standards into management decision-making, examine and explore the increasing importance of globalization in business management, and offer complete comprehensive case analyses that are multifaceted and require solutions derived from the application of cross-disciplinary business skills. Graduates are capable of analyzing and proposing solutions to complex real-world business problems, utilizing technology and demonstrating the presentation skills necessary to compete and succeed in the business world, enabling them to function as a productive manager or administrator.

  • BS in Management - Finance Concentration BS in Management - Finance Concentration

    This concentration prepares students for success in fields like banking, financial services, and business management through an in-depth understanding of corporate finance, accounting, investments, taxation, currency, and capital markets, as well as a solid foundation in related business fields, including marketing, management, IT, and operations. The experienced professors bring enormous executive know-how into the classroom, balancing financial theory with industry best practices from firsthand experience at top organizations to maximize the participants' chance to thrive in the high-stakes finance sector. Enrollees also gain experience through two or more hands-on internships in the field to further boost their qualifications. Graduates can expect employment as a credit analyst, currency trader, investment broker, controller, financial planner, loan officer, and financial analyst.

  • BS in Management - Marketing Concentration BS in Management - Marketing Concentration

    This program focuses on tested theories and new realities in the discipline that drives strategy, sales, advertising, branding, and creative design around the world. Through courses that take them to the heart of marketing, students gain the vital insight to create value for today's consumers and businesses--without which no product, service or idea can be successful in today's consumer-driven economy.

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